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What is the meaning of LED pixel light?

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LED pixel lights are made of semiconductor materials into light-emitting diodes to directly convert electrical energy into light energy, and their electro-optical efficiency is very high.

What is the meaning of LED pixel light?

What are the product advantages of LED pixel lights?

What are the types of RGB LED pixel light?


What is the meaning of LED pixel light?

LED pixel light, also known as low-power point light source, secondary packaging point light source; it is the first new type of lighting fixture introduced, with 2cm, 3cm, 5cm, 8cm and other specifications most commonly used; LED pixel light has a built-in microcomputer IC chip, Through programming control, full-color effects such as colorful gradients, jumps, scanning, and flowing water can be realized; it can also replace a certain specification of display screen through the array and shape combination of multiple pixel points, which can change various patterns, texts and animations. video effects.

What are the product advantages of LED pixel lights?

1. The interior of the LED pixel light is fully filled with high-grade, polymer silicone waterproof, (silicone is flexible, not easy to fall off, not easy to age), double waterproof, strong waterproof performance, grade: IP65;

2. LED pixel lights can display text, patterns, videos, and the control methods are divided into monochrome constant light effect, internal control synchronous RGB colorful changes, external control synchronous RGB colorful changes, international standard DMX512 protocol control system, etc., can be synchronized with the computer online Control, can also be controlled offline alone;

3. The light source of the LED pixel lamp is all produced by the automatic solid crystal bonding wire packaging lead-free patch process, and the lamp life is ≥ 50,000 hours;

4. The LED pixel lamp adopts a humanized structure design, which is simple and convenient to install, and the installation and maintenance of the lamp is easier, which is suitable for various application needs.

What are the types of RGB LED pixel light?

1. The point light source RGB LED pixel light now has round, square, diamond, other special shapes, etc. Of course, the round shape is the most classic and universal style;

2. From the shell material of the point light source RGB LED pixel light, there are PC shell, car aluminum base, lens, flat top cover, spherical top cover, transparent shell, translucent shell, etc.;

3. From the perspective of size specifications, the size of common RGB LED pixel light point light sources is in the range of 20~150mm;

Because the combined array of small pixel point light sources can present a more delicate color dynamic change effect, the current application of point light sources presents low power and small size, mainly 20~50mm specifications are used the most, which is also RGB LED pixel light's flagship product line.

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