Permanent RGB-LED Lighting

Commercial LED permanent lighting & wireless control technology for small businesses and the homeowner. Permanent RGB-LED lighting installations where clients need individual building perimeter lights, light canopies and landscape lighting grouped & color-matched to act as a single element.

P50T RGB Pebble Light

P50T RGB Pebble Light, 12-bit, 2-LED light strings feature a double data line (so one bad pixel will not compromise the rest of the string) and an extra insulated wire for permanent installs. Mount inside a track or use Pebble clips. Molded clips and magnetized Pebbles are other Pebble light options.

Show Case

Pebble Lights are an innovative way to add ambiance and energy to your home. We’re proud to offer a permanent, fully customizable outdoor lighting system that can be installed on the eaves of your home or garage or pretty much anywhere! With 16 million color options and patterns, these lights are completely customizable for any occasion.

Company Profile

Rainmin Illumination Limited is a company specializing in the production and sales of intelligent outdoor lighting, indoor decoration lamps and control systems.

Rainmin, the "Guide Light " for your outdoor decoration lighting, with 16 years of experience in RGB pixel lighting system developing and manufacturing.

From 2010 to the present, the company's products have been recognized and loved by overseas customers, such as the United States, Italy, Canada, Russia, the Czech Republic and other countries.

Rainmin, is not only a LED light manufacturer but also a solution provider.
Fixed style and form can not adapt to the changing market, providing customized services according to customers' different needs both can better serve customers and enable us constantly understand the new
trend of market demand through customers all over the world, so as to better improve our products R & D technology.

From the perspective of customers, Rainmin provides high-quality products with a comprehensive pre-sales and after-sales service at the same time. If the customer is new fresh in the industry, Rainmin can share and provide technical support, installation service at any time.

Pre-sales Service

Customer inquiry → Provide solutions→ Quote → Confirm orders

Sales Service

Cargo status docking → Business document docking

Pre-sales Service

Customer inquiry → Provide solutions→ Quote → Confirm orders
Our Advantages
12V/24VDC - Safe low DC voltage which is perfect for public spaces and commercial applications.
IP65 - Can be used outdoors or indoors, temporary or permanently.
UV Rated - High-quality materials are used to withstand the harsh sun for many years.
RGB LED - A Red, Green and Blue LED are combined in the same package allowing the creations of millions of colours.
48 Bit Digital Processing - 16 Bit per colour allowing for millions of colour combinations.
1KHZ Refresh Rate - High refresh rate allowing for broadcast-quality recording without flicker effects.
Quick Connect Plug - Fast 1/2 turn weatherproof connector allowing for dramatically reduced installation and dismantle times.
Knowledge & Experience - We know our products and we can help you make the best use of our lighting and control systems for maximum impact.
Plug and Play Options - We work with you to offer complete plug and play solutions, programmed with installation instructions based on your customized needs.
  • If One Light Goes Out, Do They All Go Out?
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    No. Our system is designed to prevent that from happening.
  • Can I customize colors with Pebble Lights?
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    This is a full programmable system and you can customized any color pattern you want.
  • What customization services can we provide?
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    1. led product customization, such as product size, light distance, color temperature, connector, etc.
    2. Logo customization, you can put your brand logo on the product or package.
    3. Packaging customization. The size and quantity of product packaging can be customized according to your needs.
  • How long do the Pebble Lights last?
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    Your lights will last a lifetime! Just because the lights are rated for 50000 hours doesn't mean they will stop functioning at that point, they start to lose their brightness, that's it.
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