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What is the definition of RGB LED pixel light?

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As a new generation light source, RGB LED pixel light is significantly different from conventional thermal radiation and gas discharge light sources such as incandescent lamps and sodium vapor high pressure lamps. The current RGB LED pixel light has many advantages in lighting.

What is the definition of RGB LED pixel light?

What are the relevant parameters of RGB LED pixel light?

What are the advantages of using RGB LED pixel light?


What is the definition of RGB LED pixel light?

The point light source RGB LED pixel light is a new type of decorative light that complements linear light sources and flood light. Pixel point color mixing achieves the pixel point distance of smart lamps, which can replace a certain specification of the screen with dot and surface effect: the distance from the center of a pixel point to the center of another pixel point.

What are the relevant parameters of RGB LED pixel light?

Protection class: IP65-IP68

Lamp body material: ABS base, transparent, frosted PC cover

Signal cascade capability: up to 460

Light output Grayscale: 65536 stages (16BIT) (must be supported by controller)

Data update rate: 60Hz-100Hz (must be supported by controller)

Lighting angle: 180°/360°

Luminous flux: Red: 13LM, Green: 26LM, Blue: 8LM

Light source category: LED

Light source power: 0.36 W/light

Number of light sources: customized

What are the advantages of using RGB LED pixel light?

(1) Rich light and color

RGB LED pixel light can realize the luminescence and discoloration of different colors in the visible light band by the current, chemical modification, monochromatic light mixing, etc. change. Even for white LEDs, it can be made into light sources with different color temperatures. Therefore, it has obvious advantages in interior decoration lighting and landscape lighting.

(2) No flicker, no UV light

The RGB LED pixel light uses DC power supply, the light emission is stable and does not flicker, and the spectrum mainly focuses on the area of visible light, and there is basically no interference by ultraviolet or infrared radiation, which can avoid the adverse effects of stroboscope effect and improve the comfort of the human eye.

(3) Good brightness adjustability

According to the light emitting principle of the RGB LED pixel light, the light emitting brightness or brightness changes. the emitted luminous flux of the LED basically positive with the current. Its working current can be large or small within the rated range and is well adjustable, which forms the basis for the LED light source to achieve demand-based lighting and stepless brightness control.

Just because RGB LED pixel light has the incomparable advantages of the above traditional light sources, LED light sources have become the focus and direction of the development of the lighting industry in different countries.

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