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What are the advantages of LED pixel lights?

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The LED pixel light is a smart luminaire that can replace the screen of a certain size by mixing the color of the pixel dots to achieve the effect of point and surface.

What are the advantages of LED pixel lights?

What role do LED pixel lights play?

What are the product features of LED pixel lights?


What are the advantages of LED pixel lights?

The LED pixel light is energy saving and comfortable. It integrates the lamp body and circuit, reducing the volume, and the soft strip of light can be placed in any shape depending on the building shape. It is better to choose the appropriate performance according to the requirements. It is more energy-saving, more convenient to install and can also be selected in a variety of colors.

What role do LED pixel lights play?

The LED pixel light uses a multi-stage connection combination of professional waterproof connectors, which can form different shapes of dots, lines and surfaces to display text patterns. In actual projects, it can consist of regular shapes such as rectangles, squares, bars, etc. can also be composed of spherical, triangular and other shapes to display animations. By using imported silicone for sealing and sealing, product performance and service life are better guaranteed, and it is more suitable for outdoor installation. This product is small, light and consumes little electricity, and is widely used for decorative lighting projects, square landscape projects, municipal lighting projects, etc. used.

The new structure design of the LED pixel light can be installed by hanging with wire. Currently, LED pixel lights are used in various straight or curved outlines and specially shaped lighting projects for building surfaces.

What are the product features of LED pixel lights?

1: The LED pixel light is made of 5050LED, the light bar's annual light drop is less than 5%, long service life, low power consumption, pure color, green environmental protection and no pollution, cold light source design, no heat radiation, no harm to eyes and skin, contains no lead, Mercury and other environmentally harmful elements and realizes the true meaning of green;

2: The LED pixel light is made of aluminum alloy, the lamp body is seamless, exquisite and beautiful, with strong heat dissipation, electrostatic anti-aging spray treatment on the surface, self-cleaning, strong corrosion resistance, good waterproof effect, sufficient heat dissipation design of the lamp body and temperature of the cover. Low, safe, good protection, impact resistance, friction resistance;

3: LED pixel lights have 8/10/12/16/24/32/48 pixels, each pixel is 3 or 1 5050RGB, full color can be controlled by DMX512 system, changing colors, running water, dream. The effect is evenly mixed light, soft and colorful.

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