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Why more and more people choose RGB LED Sphere?

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RGB LED Sphere is a kind of lighting fixture with spherical shape, which is similar to the common spherical bulb, and uses LED lamp beads inside. RGB LED Sphere has many advantages: environmental protection, long service life, energy saving, convenient installation, etc. But its price is higher than incandescent lamps.

  • How does the RGB LED Sphere work?

  • What does the structure of the RGB LED Sphere include?

  • Why are more and more people choosing RGB LED Sphere?

How does the RGB LED Sphere work?

The RGB LED Sphere has an LED chip, and the LED chip consists of two semiconductors, and when the two semiconductors are connected, a P-N junction is formed between them. When a current is applied to the chip through the wires, the electrons are pushed to the P region, where the electrons and holes recombine, and energy is emitted in the form of photons.

What does the structure of the RGB LED Sphere include?

RGB LED Sphere is mainly composed of lamp head, constant current drive power supply, radiator, LED light board and bulb cover. The lampshade is made of Zhiguang LED optical lampshade, the light transmittance is as high as 95%, the illumination uniformity is good, and it is not irritating to the eyes. The shell of the lamp is extruded by aluminum profiles, which has excellent heat dissipation and thermal conductivity.

The structure of RGB LED Sphere is more complicated than that of incandescent lamps. It is basically divided into light source, driving circuit, and heat sink. The cooperation of these parts can create RGB LED Sphere products with low energy consumption, long life, high light efficiency and environmental protection.

Why are more and more people choosing RGB LED Sphere?

1. Environmental protection, no harmful substances of mercury. The assembly parts of the RGB LED Sphere can be easily disassembled, and can be recycled by others without being recycled by the manufacturer.

2. The light distribution technology expands the LED point light source into a surface light source, increases the luminous surface, eliminates glare, sublimates visual effects, and eliminates visual fatigue;

3. Integrated design of lens and lampshade. The lens has the functions of focusing and protection at the same time, avoiding the repeated waste of light and making the product more concise and beautiful;

4. High-power LED flat cluster package, and integrated design of radiator and lamp holder. It fully guarantees the heat dissipation requirements and service life of LEDs, and fundamentally satisfies the arbitrary design of the structure and shape of LED lamps, which has the distinctive characteristics of LED lamps;

5. Significant energy saving. Using ultra-bright and high-power LED light source, combined with high-efficiency power supply, saves more than 80% of electricity than traditional incandescent lamps, and the brightness is 10 times that of incandescent lamps under the same power.

RGB LED Sphere is currently the first choice of more and more people. RainMin strives to offer high quality products at reasonable prices, efficient production times and the most professional customer service.

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