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What is the information do you know about the application of the RGB String Light?

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RGB String Light is often used in outdoor building outline lighting, park lighting, cultural and creative town lighting, hotel lighting, etc. The scope of use is very wide. The categories of RGB String Light are relatively rich.

  • Why is RGB String Light popular?

  • What are the application scenarios of RGB String Light?

  • What is the use value of RGB String Light?

Why is RGB String Light popular?

RGB String Light is a kind of outdoor landscape lighting decoration LED light. It uses built-in LED cold light source, which can emit different colors according to needs; at the same time, it can also have a built-in microcomputer chip, which can realize colorful gradients, jumps, scanning, and flowing water through programming control. It can also replace the display screen of a certain specification by the array and shape combination of multiple point light source pixels, which can change various patterns, texts, animations, video effects, etc.; point light sources are used in outdoor landscape lighting projects. has a very wide range of applications.

What are the application scenarios of RGB String Light?

RGB String Light is a pixel point, and multiple RGB String Lights are installed. Through the system control, it can present a colorful light screen, replacing the function of the display screen; at the same time, it can form between multiple buildings and shapes. Long-distance synchronizing and cascading, cooperating with each other, presenting a very creative and beautiful light show. Therefore, the point light source of Sober Optoelectronics is widely used in the production of large-area building vertex array screens, wall lighting of building facades, outlines of buildings such as houses and bridges, and decorative lighting of parks, rivers, and squares, engineering etc.

What is the use value of RGB String Light?

Now the theme park has entered a new stage of development, and night tours have become a big cake in the consumer market and an important opportunity for theme park consumption upgrades. The role of theme park night tours is somewhat similar to off-season tourism to a certain extent, which plays a role in balancing the overall travel rhythm and promotes the growth of nighttime economy. The nighttime operation of theme parks will be a huge market, and this market is definitely not small, so it is an excellent night tour management strategy and the key to the success of theme parks.

The theme park night tourism products combine RGB String Light, interaction and other effects, pay attention to immersive interactive gameplay, and bring tourists into an immersive experience. The theme park night tour project integrates characteristic culture and improves the tourist experience of tourists, and RGB String Light is essential.

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