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What are the product features of RGB LED Sphere?

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RGB LED Sphere can emit light immediately, and will be widely used in shopping malls, office buildings, hotels, exhibition halls, conference rooms, hospitals, shop windows, homes and other places, especially suitable for luxury high-standard large-space lighting decoration.

  • What are the product features of RGB LED Sphere?

  • What is the composition principle of RGB LED Sphere?

  • How to choose RGB LED Sphere?

What are the product features of RGB LED Sphere?

1. Lamp beads: 1 watt high-power LED, single LED power is 1 watt, and the light is soft, the spectrum is pure, and the luminous efficiency is high. The luminous efficiency of traditional energy-saving lamps is 50-60lm/W, while our company's bulb lamp is up to 90-100lm/watt.

2. Lampshade: Made of high transmittance PC material, the transmittance is as high as 95%, the illumination uniformity is good, and it is not irritating to the eyes.

3. Heat dissipation device: The shell of the lamp is processed by aviation precision aluminum car, which has excellent heat dissipation and thermal conductivity. The hollow heat conduction design is used to increase the contact area between the heat conduction surface and the air, and the heat dissipation effect is good. In addition, the contact surface of the lamp beads and the aluminum substrate is bonded with heat dissipation paste, which is beneficial to the heat dissipation of the lamp beads.

4. Drive circuit: It adopts the design of primary and secondary complete isolation room, and has functions such as overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection and short circuit protection, which is safe and reliable.

5. Lamp head interface: suitable for global voltage, can be flexibly replaced with lamp heads of different specifications such as E27, E26, E14, etc., easy to install.

What is the composition principle of RGB LED Sphere?

RGB LED Sphere is mainly composed of LED lampshade, base, driving power supply, lamp beads, LED lamp cup (radiator), interface and other parts. The top of a ball bulb is a glass cover. The cover is stuck on the base. There will be a hole on the base. Generally, an aluminum substrate is used. The heat-conducting seat is connected to the radiator, the driving power is connected to the lamp head, and the interface is connected behind the driving power. It can be said that the most important thing in an RGB LED Sphere is the LED lamp cup, driving power supply and lamp beads.

How to choose RGB LED Sphere?

The selection of RGB LED Sphere mainly depends on the following points: lamp beads, lampshade material, lamp body material, color temperature, and color rendering index.

High-quality RGB LED Sphere is used, which has high luminous efficiency and saves electricity; the lampshade material is high-diffusion PC lampshade, which has high and uniform light transmittance; There are 3000K warm colors and 6500K cool colors, which can meet the needs of different environments; the high color rendering index can effectively restore colors and help eye health.

For more information about RGB LED Sphere, please contact RainMin Co., Ltd., who has committed to providing the increasing of RGB LED Sphere, and making them more effective, reliable, and consistent.

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