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What are the applications of RGB Screen Light in stage decoration?

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RGB Screen Light can be used in smart lights, laser lights, effect lights, etc. be subdivided and must also have appropriate supporting control devices so that it can be used on stage. And each lamp contains many varieties. Therefore, do not think that the quality of stage lighting is simple, and the function is only the role of lighting, then it is very superficial.

  • What are the applications of RGB Screen Light in stage decoration?

  • What role must RGB Screen Light play on stage?

  • What role must RGB Screen Light play on stage?

What are the applications of RGB Screen Light in stage decoration?

1.Intelligent light

Smart Lights are based on computer requirements to run various computer scanning lights, such as DJ scanning, V-beam, Moon beam and so on. And the power of different lamps is different, the lamp head can also be rotated, and the required scanning lamps can be executed by moving.

2.Laser light

Maybe the audience doesn't know very well. Laser lights can produce a variety of patterns, and laser lights are also divided into monochrome and color, and color laser lights are divided into red, green, yellow and other primary colors, which are more common. The power of laser light is generally between ten mW and one hundred W. In addition, the laser light can also emit light beams, color values, hovering and other effects as needed. If desired, the laser head can also be rotated.

3.Effect light

There are many types of effect lights, and it can be difficult for laymen to recognize them all. The more commonly used flash lights, exposure lights, dimmer lights, spotlights and lamps with different color patterns can create floral patterns, rainbows, mushrooms, veil and other patterns. Of course, there are also various ball lights with rotating balls. Rotating ball lamps are mainly used in dance halls and other environments and are often used on large stages.

What role must RGB Screen Light play on stage?

RGB Screen Lighting To do a good job in configuring professional stage lighting, you first need to understand the common lighting positions of stage lighting. This is an important part of choosing the right configuration.

1.Surface light: The light projected onto the stage from the top of the audience. The main function is to illuminate the front of the characters and spread the basic light of the entire set.

2.Slap: Arranged on both sides of the outside of the stage, the light projected diagonally onto the stage is divided into an upper and a lower layer. It mainly supports facial lighting, enhances facial lighting, and increases the three-dimensional impression of characters and landscapes.

3.Column light (also known as side light): The light projected from both sides of the entrance is mainly used to illuminate characters or scenes on both sides to enhance the impression of three-dimensionality and outlines.

What will the future development of RGB Screen Light application look like on stage?

Stage lighting is generally professional lamps, and with the development of technology, it has become more professional and intelligent. With the addition of high-end audio, RGB Screen Light complements and gradually becomes widely used in the market. greater impact.

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